‘My Sinful Seductions’ OUT NOW

The big day is here. ‘My Sinful Seductions’ is published.

If you want your weekend to be steamy hot… look no further. 🙂
Just go HERE.

I’ll let you read the official blurb on Amazon. But since you are a beloved supporter let me add a few lines just for you.

In ‘My Sinful Seductions’ I’ll tell you about what happened when my hot ex-brother-in-law suddenly showed up one day on his motorcycle [spoiler alert: my ex-husband is still upset ;)].

A few days later, thanks to a chilled glass of Pinot Noir Rosé, I decided to track down my high-school professor via Facebook (definitely one of my better spontaneous decisions).

And I’m offered two very unexpected jobs! Exciting times.

Much love ♥

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