Seduced & Pleasured

Charlene’s life suddenly became emotionally complicated to say the least. Still mourning the loss of her father who recently died far too early. Still walking on clouds after re-connecting with her father’s best friend from across the country. Their contact had been abruptly cut off by her dad when he found out about her teenage crush on the much older man. But here he was again, 10 years later and more attractive than ever.

Clayton had always been a bit of a mystery man. He did things his own way. No compromises and always a gentleman. It was clearly a rewarding formula, because life had certainly tilted the odds in his favor. The limousine and private jet that took her to his luxurious mansion revealed the story of a highly successful man. This, however, was just the tip of the ice-berg. It didn’t take long before she was introduced to his darker and more eccentric passions. Charlene had open-mindedly entered a forbidden world she hardly knew existed.

Little did she know she’d seen nothing yet.
An invitation to a very exclusive masquerade ball was about to change her forever…


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