Bad Boys With Benefits – New Box Set OUT NOW!

I’m really happy to let you know that the brand new boxset ‘Bad Boys With Benefits‘ just landed on Amazon.

It contains all 3 books in the Bad Boys With Benefits series.

From Amazon:

Who doesn’t love the bad boy?
Three of my friends definitely do.

Let them spill their hearts…


That smug bastard. I’ll teach him a lesson.
He will pay for what he said about me.

My car breaking down is annoying enough.
An arrogant mechanic doesn’t help.
He really thinks he’s God’s gift to women.
Even worse; he might be right.

Maybe my revenge is too evil?
I’m normally a good person. Nice even.
I don’t care. He can take it.
So why all the butterflies inside?


I will show them. Whatever it takes.
This is the new Amy.

Sam probably won’t like my proposal.
We haven’t spoken in 10 years.
He probably hates me still.
His brother surely does.

But this is an important day.
Everyone will be there.

I need to show them. I have moved on.
Even if I have to fake it.


Who is this low-profiled stranger working for dad?
A hot biker in our car repair shop. Something’s up…

I’m back in my teen bedroom. With my baby.
Useless son of a b… coward. Just leaving us.
I’m picking myself up. Dusting myself off.
I can make it. Alone. For sure.

Who’s the new guy? Hardly says a word.
His blue eyes tell a story. A rough one.
It’s like he knows he soon must be leaving.
I don’t want him to disappear.


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