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Forbidden Soulmates – OUT NOW!

I’m very happy to announce that the brand new book ‘Forbidden Soulmates’ has just been published on Amazon.

Find it HERE

I hope you will like it.
Much love ♥



This is not your typical revenge romance. But it may well be the hottest. A sizzling story where raw emotions and excitement complicate everything.

It’s an ordinary day in the run-down neighborhood and the atmosphere in the greasy repair shop oozes of masculinity and testosterone, to put it nicely. When Laya shows up with her overly expensive car it seems almost provocative to the workers.

Their hungry eyes devour her perfect body shamelessly. Understandably. But the chauvinistic comments behind her back are overheard and she gets furious. Worst of them all is Jay. No wonder he believes he’s god’s gift to all women. Tall, strong, confident and with long blond hair. But there’s nothing sacred about his vocabulary.

It’s complicated when attraction fights common sense and revenge blows up in your face.


Forbidden Soulmates contains no cheating, no cliff-hangers and a HEA. It might not be suited for a younger audience due to the graphic storytelling.


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