He Can Take It – OUT NOW!

I’m very happy to announce that the brand new book He Can Take It has just been published on Amazon.

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I hope you will like it.
Much love ♥


He Can Take It

That smug bastard. I’ll teach him a lesson.
He will pay for what he said about me.

My car breaking down is annoying enough.
An arrogant mechanic doesn’t help.
Jay is the cocky kind of bastard I despise.
He really thinks he’s God’s gift to women.
Even worse; he might be right.

He’s mouthwatering attractive.
The sweat and grime just intensify it.
I’m angry and he’s flirting with me.
His smile is infectious and his charm…
Wake up Laya! Remember; I hate him.

Maybe my revenge is too evil?
But I really want him to feel my anger.
I’m normally a good person. Nice even.
I don’t care. He can take it.
So why all the butterflies inside?


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