I Will Fake It – OUT NOW!

This weekend starts out great!
The brand new book ‘I Will Fake It’ just landed on Amazon (one day early).

You will recognize several of the characters from recent books this year.


I Will Fake It

I will show them. Especially my scumbag ex.
Whatever it takes. This is the new Amy.

It’s going to take a lot of convincing.
Sam probably won’t like my proposal.
We haven’t spoken in 10 years.
Neither of us handled that mess with grace.
I most certainly didn’t.

Even though nothing happened.
There were so many emotions at stake.
Attraction. Passion. Desire even.
But today he probably hates me.
His brother surely does.

But this is an important day.
Everyone will be there.
Friends, associates… and my ex.
I need to show them. I have moved on.
Even if I have to fake it.

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I hope you will enjoy it.
Much love ♥

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