Lonely Rider Box Set – OUT NOW!

The much awaited Lonely Rider Box Set is finally out.

It contains all 7 books in the Lonely Rider MC series + added scenes and chapters. The introduction price on Amazon is a bargain so don’t miss out on this one.

Check it out for yourself HERE.

Lonely Rider - The Box Set - by Melissa Devenport ♥


“A hot MC Biker Romance collection that will blow you away. Maximum bang for your buck!”

This beautiful box offers all SEVEN books in the action packed Lonely Rider MC series. It comes with additional scenes and added chapters.

The Lonely Rider Box Set takes you on a wild ride to be remembered. These seven truly masculine but damaged bikers have one thing in common. They are fed up with their destructive lifestyles and have decided to break free from their clubs. Which is easier said than done, for sure.

You also meet seven extraordinary women who completely sweep these well-built men off their feet in the most beautiful ways imaginable.

Are you into HOT tattooed real men, motorcycles, strong women, intense action and A LOT of steam?

Then hold on tight. You’re in for a treat. This boxset got it all!


This is the complete collection of all books in the Lonely Rider MC series. The stories stand on their own but are linked together by the men and women who re-appears as the series continues.

(Contains the books: Percy, Jack, Creed, Damon, Trace, Ryder, Shawn)


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