Lonely Rider MC – Creed – OUT NOW!

Creed, the third book in the Lonely Rider MC series, has just hit the bookshelves over at Amazon.

This one is even more intense than the previous two. Here’s a reader comment that sums it up pretty well: “Loved Kate and Creed! Action, sexiness galore!”

Spoiler alert for all of you who loved Jack; he appears in this one too.

Check it out for yourself HERE

Creed, Lonely Rider 3 by Melissa Devenport ♥


Creed – Lonely Rider MC Book 3

A Motorcycle Club Romance by Melissa Devenport.


Something dark, something hot, something… to be remembered.

Creed is often mistaken for a model with his good looks and underlying hardness that most women are mental about. He’s a wall of muscle with dark penetrating eyes. But tonight is different.

When Jack opens the door late one night and sees Creed, it’s like no time has passed and they are instantly thrown back to their time together in that biker club. His old friend is a mess.

What Creed doesn’t expect this miserable evening is Jack’s sister-in-law, Kate, who is there visiting. A fiery hot, sapphire-eyed and insane spirit that immediately takes his breath away. As far as he is concerned; A Goddess.

The feelings are clearly mutual, but their intense romance is soon interrupted in the most horrific way. Suddenly, all they have are each other and everything is at stake.

Get ready for a red-hot, action-packed adventure that will be remembered.


All books in the Lonely Rider MC series are steamy hot romance novels with no cheating, no cliff-hangers and HEA.


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