Lonely Rider MC – Percy – OUT NOW!

The first book in the Lonely Rider MC series has just hit the bookshelves.

Loyal readers might remember Percy from the book ‘Hard and Dirty’ where he came to warn Sean about the guys from their old motorcycle club. In this book you will get to know him much closer. The trip goes to Mexico!

Lonely Rider MC - Percy - by Melissa Devenport ♥


Percy – Lonely Rider MC Book 1

A Motorcycle Club Romance by Melissa Devenport.


If everyone deserves a second chance, then why are they so hard to get?

The small and modest bar is the perfect hangout for Percy. Everybody minds their own business and no questions asked. Mexico was the right choice to get away from it all. Damaged inside and out he had to break free from his old MC club. He isn’t proud of those days and a lot has changed. Physically he’s in better shape than ever and money isn’t a problem. The worn out black jeans do nothing to hide his toned legs where you can see the muscles through the fabric. The black leather jacket is probably custom made for him.

No wonder Shanna notices him right away when he walks through the door. She is far from home on vacation and wants nothing more than to just forget all about her cheating fiance. This dark mysterious man represents the exact opposite of everything she has left behind. An escape from ordinary life.

When two people with completely different backgrounds meet, it’s impossible to predict the outcome. They both hope for something better, but neither of them saw this one coming…


All books in the Lonely Rider MC series are steamy hot romance adventures with no cheating, no cliff-hangers and HEA.


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