Lonely Rider MC – Ryder – OUT NOW!

Ryder, the sixth book in the Lonely Rider MC series, is out right now.

This one is probably even more intense than the previous 5 (read the blurb here below).

I hope you will love it.
Check it out for yourself HERE

Lonely Rider MC 6 - Ryder by Melissa Devenport ♥


Ryder – Lonely Rider MC Book 6

A Motorcycle Club Romance by Melissa Devenport.


Cursed by God and damned by the Devil. He is on his own!

Is it even possible to escape a horrific past such as Ryder’s?

His jet black hair and haunted dark eyes almost make him look like a dark knight battling demons. The chiseled masculine features and powerful body tell the story of a man who suppresses fear, banishes pain and somehow survives.

When the MC’s prez is brutally murdered he sees an opportunity to get out.

Ryder has unfinished business to take care of before his future will ever change for something better. He packs his bike and takes off to Philadelphia where things are about to get rough.

But as a final act of good, before leaving, he makes sure that his mother gets the help she so desperately needs not to forever disappear inside her tormented soul. Ryder’s father had done a lot of damage to his family before he finally got what he deserved. The deep scars linger.

When Laura’s wide, shimmering eyes meet his for the first time, is when he knows there’s still more to life.

The big question is; will he live to see it?


All books in the Lonely Rider MC series are stand-alone, steamy hot romance novels with no cheating, no cliff-hangers and HEA.


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