Protected By Red – OUT NOW!

The long awaited ‘Protected By Red’ is finally here. He is known as the ultimate bad boy and probably the most notorious of the Bailey brothers.

Young Rachel, with a law degree and a fresh bar exam, certainly doesn’t get an easy start of her new career. Red is her first client, and it’s on behalf of the mafia. First mission; she needs to get him out of jail. The situation soon becomes even more complicated as the tables are turned in the blink of an eye.


The level of heat is through the roof and I have packed these 366 pages with as much action as they can take before ripping apart.

Those of you who read my previous book about Ace have already met Red. You can look forward to reconnect with both Ace and Van in this book as well. I bid you welcome to alpha heaven.

Protected By Red is the next stand alone book in the Original Sin trilogy.


I’m his lawyer. They say he’s damaged goods and off limits. Instant trouble. So why can’t I forget him? Oh yeah, the ink, those muscles and… his smile.

Why must he be my first case? I just passed the bar exam. Red Bailey. Maybe the worst of the notorious Bailey brothers. I know I can get him out of jail. But should I? The downtown station is overcrowded with bad boys like him. Almost like him.

I would never have imagined that I should owe him my life. I am the one supposed to save him. But the tables are turned. He’s not trouble. He is a rebel. He is alpha.

In my dreams. When I close my eyes. His rock hard body is there. Right in front of me. His strong arms around me. I feel safe. There’s so much I want to tell him. Especially one thing.

Now I need Red Bailey more than ever. They say my time has come. I don’t even know them and I’m scared. Really scared.

Here are a few of the first reader comments:

“I really loved this book. It is a page turner that you can’t put down.”

“This book is packed with explosive twists, sizzling steam and as always, very well written.”

“A truly beautiful, dramatic romance. Highly recommend.”

“Dangerous, exciting and action packed. A great read.”

I hope you will like to too.
Much love ♥

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