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Protected By Van is available today! Full steam and action overload guaranteed.

Lily returns home after 10 years in the service. From one battlefield to the next. Her sister and brother, known as The Twins, run the family crime business with no mercy. That’s why she decided to leave in the first place.

Now she realizes that she’s the centerpiece of an arranged marriage. The mafia is widening their territory and she’s expected to do her part. But Lily’s heart is elsewhere. 

Van Bailey. A lone wolf and one of three brothers. They have become the mob’s go-to solution when all other options are exhausted. They get things done.

Nothing gets easier from here.


Get ready for one of the hottest books I have written.

Those of you who read my previous books about Ace and Red have already met Van. You can look forward to reconnect with both Ace and Red in this book as well. If this isn’t alpha heaven, then I don’t know what is.

Protected By Van is the final stand alone book in the Original Sin trilogy.


I’m from a crime family. The marriage is arranged. I’m the only one they didn’t tell. Mafia business as usual. But my heart is elsewhere.

His hazel colored eyes are perfectly framed by that raven black hair and strong jawline. The masculine scent distracts me when he’s close. Van Bailey. Those inked and muscled arms. The scars. Everything about him would push normal people away. But not me.

It’s nice to be home after 10 years in the service. Being a girl in the military is pretty tough. But I think I did well. Now here I am, switching one battlefield for another. It’s a different world. My brother and sister, The Twins, run the mob business with no mercy. I don’t know who’s boss. I guess they both are.

Van is a lonewolf. Without his brothers and their MC, all he’d be left with is his heavy motorcycle. An impressive machine that makes any biker turn around for a second look. It’s the perfect ride for a bad boy. But he carries a dark secret. His soul is damaged. I can see the pain in his beautiful eyes. Do I also see hope?

The fire that burns between us is too strong to deny.
I just hope I can survive the flames.

Maybe he protects me so I can save him?

Here are a few of the first reader comments:

“An Amazing Action Packed Story”

“Wow loved it higher then 5 star read.”

“Absolutely amazing read, I couldn’t put it down. All the emotions really hooked me.”

“Fantastic job Melissa, thanks for sharing this bad boy with us.”

I hope you will like to too.
Much love ♥

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